The lap of luxury:inside some of the world's most expensive homes for sale in 2017

From an entire island to a home with a pool large enough for an elephant to swim in, we reveal some of the most exclusive homes for sale across the world.

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This week the most expensive house in America hit the headlines, thanks to its £270 million ($350 million) price tag.

The sprawling 10-acre estate in Bel Air, LA's neighbourhood for the super rich, is more than four times more expensive than Britain's priciest home.

London is notoriously one of the most expensive property locations in the world.

But in the UK capital acres of land is a luxury even large amounts of money can't buy.

The UK's most expensive home: £57.5 million will buy a seven-bedroom house with a 94ft x 35ft garden in SW10

The priciest home on the market in the capital at the moment is a seven-bedroom property in exclusive Chelsea.

It's a comparatively modest 10,000 sq ft, but has an asking price of £57.5 million.

This is 180 times more expensive than the average home in the UK, currently £316,000. As the saying goes, when buying a home, it's all about location, location, location.

So where will buyers have to fork out the most cash? 


In Thailand, a seven-bedroom villa comes with 100 metres of private beach plus a 40-metre pool that is apparently big enough for an elephant to swim in.

It's the country's most expensive property listed for sale on Rightmove, with an asking price of £16 million.

However, two- and three- bedroom villas can cost from £70,000 on the southern coast of the mainland in Pattaya or on the island of Koh Samui.

Modern luxe: £16 million will buy 4,500 square metres of opulence in Thailand

It's possible to buy a whole island with its own private jetty near Auckland, New Zealand for around £23 million. 

Just three hours further south and a three-bedroom cottage on the North Island sells for just £65,000.

Discover the most expensive properties across the world and in popular European destinations in our gallery above.

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