Dubai's hidden depths:£2m villas with underwater bedrooms and floor-to-ceiling glass walls for sale off man-made luxury 'Heart of Europe' islands

One floor of The Floating Seahorse Signature Edition villas is completely underwater...

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Dubai is famous for its skyscrapers, but now its architectural aspirations have reached new depths - with super-luxury underwater villas.

The glass-walled holiday homes have two floors above water and one below sea level, featuring two en-suite underwater bedrooms.

They promise panoramic views of the sea, although how far you will be able to see is not known, and come with a price tag of more than £2 million.

The Floating Seahorse Signature Edition villas are fitted with bespoke interiors, state-of-the-art technology and outdoor climate-controlled areas.

They are the fourth phase of the The Floating Seahorse collection, with each previous phase listed as sold-out on the website.

Luxury features in the original Floating Seahorse homes include glass-bottomed Jacuzzis and decks that can be converted into winter bedrooms with retractable curtains.

At 4,000 sq ft, the four-bedroom properties are the biggest yet to be built in the development, and are four times the size of an average UK home.

There are 40 in total, each designed for flexible living for up to eight adults and eight children.

Even the 600 sq ft coral reef garden is bigger than the average British one - although you obviously won’t be able to have barbecues in it!

The villas are to be located off The Heart of Europe, six man-made connected islands spanning six million square feet, 2.5 miles off the coast of Dubai.

The Heart of Europe man-made islands off the coast of Dubai (

Climate-controlled streets will create rain and a snow place for those seeking an "authentic" European experience.

They form part of World Islands - a collection of 300 private and resort islands in the shape of the world map - accessible by boat, seaplane and helicopter.

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